We run Google Ads campaigns that predictably convert site visitors into paying customers.

Stop wasting money on agencies who neglect your account and a website that doesn’t convert. Use Google Ads to capture high-intent, qualified traffic from the thousands of people searching for your services every month.

We help businesses grow using Google Ads

We’ll uncover opportunities you can use without ever hiring us.

Why Google Ad campaigns underperform

We’ve audited hundreds of accounts and found high CPMs and low conversion rates are symptoms of the 4 most common mistakes below.

Bad campaign structure

First, we cut keywords and hidden search terms that signal low-intent or unqualified searches. Then, we apply proven campaign organization to ensure Ad Groups, bids and copy maximize results.

Bad landing pages

Google Ads drive traffic, landing pages drive conversions. If your website/landing page doesn’t match search intent or if it’s confusing, people will leave and you’ll waste all your ad spend.

Expensive fees

We only charge $800/month and include landing pages, while managing up to $15,000 in ad spend. Most agencies overcharge, set campaigns up and hardly touch them after.

Lazy ongoing optimizations

We constantly optimize ad copy, headlines, keywords and ad groups by proactively cutting and replacing underperforming ad groups and keywords, while diving into advanced data points like impression share, device and geo.

How our Google Ads process works

Fully done-for-you service that will launch your campaign within 10 days of onboarding.

Step 1

Keyword research, audit & campaign setup

Just fill out a short questionnaire and we’ll begin research and campaign setup.

Step 2

Ad copy & landing page creation

We’ll show you all the ads, campaign structure and landing page for your approval.

Step 3

Conversion tracking and reporting

We’ll setup conversion tracking and a custom and transparent metrics dashboard.

Step 4

Optimize daily & drive leads

We proactively and consistently optimize your account to hit your goals.

Why you need consistent & informative SEO blog content to stay competitive

Remember that your website is a living, breathing entity on the internet. If you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will love you for it.

Position yourself as an industry expert & authority

Generate new leads in a cost-effective way

Drive more conversions, closed deals, & revenue

Google loves frequent updates & fresh content

More content means more keywords, rankings, & traffic

Join hundreds of CEOs & Executives who became influencers on LinkedIn

Look below for real client reviews on how effective Devobyte has been for them.

Our SEO blog writing case studies

SAAS Startup Case Study

We 5X’d their website traffic by targeting long-tail keywords with great monthly search volume.

Marketing Agency Case Study

We helped them go from 100 to 2,500 monthly website visitors in 9 months.

eCommerce Case Study

We helped them get to 25,000 monthly website visitors in 7 months.

Law Firm Case Study

We helped them go from 500 to 7,000 monthly visitors by targeting easy win keywords.

Online Store Case Study

We helped increase their website traffic by 10X by filling holes in their blog content.

Local Business Case Study

We helped explode their website traffic from 400 to 45,000 by targeting competitor keywords.

The 4 pillars of great Google Ads strategy

We constantly adapt strategies for Google’s algorithm and your competition, while applying proven principles that save you from wasting spend.

Search Terms and Ad Copy

We do extensive upfront keyword research to isolate only the most relevant, cost-efficient bottom of funnel terms. Then we write ad headlines and descriptions that drive high click-through-rates.

Advanced Campaign Structure

First, we organize campaigns, ad groups and keywords using our proven structure, then we get advanced and optimize bidding strategy, impression share, SKAGs, negatives, geo, device and much more.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages should match what people expect after clicking on your ad, and shouldn’t include much else. For example, we hide your menu in landing pages and make your hero text extremely clear.

Results Tracking

You get a transparent dashboard to see the most important metrics, such as total spend, cost per click, number of conversions, cost per conversion and more.

Extensive knowledge that spans any industry

Our writers specialize in a range of categories and topics, providing tailored content for your industry

Pay Per Meeting-Ready-Lead

Month-to-month, no contracts. Book a call to learn more.


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