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Devobyte uses data to research, write, & publish SEO blog articles on your website to attract & convert your ideal customers through high-intent Google searches.

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How our process drives you revenue

We have a four-step process that helps us drive results for businesses we work with.

Step 1

Customer research

We discover who your best customers are and what their pain points are through research.

Step 2

Write blog articles

We take the learnings and produce blog posts that strategically attract your best customers.

Step 3

Publish content

With your approval, we publish the content to your website. New content is created monthly.

Step 4

Drive revenue

After publishing, you can sit back and watch the content skyrocket your website traffic, leads, and reveue.

The 4 pillars of high quality SEO blog content

Our team of strategists, copywriters and SEO experts have ranked blogs in highly competitive niches since 2015. Much has changed since then and continues to do so. Here’s what to expect from our SEO blog writing service.

Create content that’s actually helpful

We answer questions searchers have on Google about your products or service and we put those answers on your blog in long-form content. This allows you to show up on Google for all things related to your business.

Understand the “why” behind the search

Google is constantly figuring out why searchers are looking for that query. Google then serves results it thinks fulfills that intent. So if you want to rank you high you need to understand search intent deeply.

Cover everything the searcher wants to know

To deserve a place on the first page of Google, you’ll need to cover all the things searchers expect and want to know. We do this by researching the common subheadings and subtopics.

Keyword research to find relevant topics

We take a “measure three times, cut once” approach when it comes to SEO. We take the time to make sure our SEO is grounded in research and data to yield the best results.

How Devobyte compares

Hiring an in-house writer is no longer cost-efficient or necessary to create quality content and most SEO agencies charge at least 3X more compared to us. Working with Devobyte lets you create more high quality content that ranks at a fraction of the cost.

+ $4,000/mo

Standard SEO Agency Fee

Long-term contracts

Large upfront setup fees

Too expensive to see ROI

+ $5,000/mo

In-house Copywriter Salary

Cost to recruit and train

Doesn’t understand SEO

Lower output vs SEO agency


Starting Devobyte Fee

Team of SEO experts & writers

Proven process to drive results

No setup fee or contracts

Why you need consistent & informative SEO blog content to stay competitive

Remember that your website is a living, breathing entity on the internet. If you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will love you for it.

Position yourself as an industry expert & authority

Generate new leads in a cost-effective way

Drive more conversions, closed deals, & revenue

Google loves frequent updates & fresh content

More content means more keywords, rankings, & traffic

Common SEO blog mistakes we fix

Most companies never see great results from their search engine optimization strategy and efforts. Often, it’s because they don’t have the right SEO foundation and system in place so they are never able to figure out what works and generate momentum in content marketing.

Not doing proper keyword research

Randomly creating content and thinking you’ll get search traffic doesn’t work if you aren’t able do proper keyword research

Not knowing which keywords to target and when

Unlike PPC, SEO is a long game with potentially huge ROIs if done properly. Unfortunately, most agencies don’t know how to plan for SEO growth.

Writing content that isn’t helpful or useful

Most people want a one-stop-shop answer for their searches. Anything less and you’ll just be a high bounce rate.

Not using data to see what converts

A winning SEO strategy isn’t only about getting free traffic. It’s also about converting that traffic into leads, opportunities, and buyers.

Customer Testimonial’s

Look below for real client reviews on how effective Cleverly has been for them.

Our SEO blog writing case studies

SAAS Startup Case Study

We 5X’d their website traffic by targeting long-tail keywords with great monthly search volume.

Marketing Agency Case Study

We helped them go from 100 to 2,500 monthly website visitors in 9 months.

eCommerce Case Study

We helped them get to 25,000 monthly website visitors in 7 months.

Law Firm Case Study

We helped them go from 500 to 7,000 monthly visitors by targeting easy win keywords.

Online Store Case Study

We helped increase their website traffic by 10X by filling holes in their blog content.

Local Business Case Study

We helped explode their website traffic from 400 to 45,000 by targeting competitor keywords.

Extensive knowledge that spans any industry

Our writers specialize in a range of categories and topics, providing tailored content for your industry

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